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If you’re looking for duct cleaning services, you might be wondering why you should choose us. The answer is simple: we offer a wide range of services that are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you need residential or commercial duct cleaning services, we have a solution that’s right for you. And because we’re a locally owned and operated business, you can be sure that we’ll provide the highest quality service possible. So if you’re looking for the best duct cleaning service in town, look no further than our company!


  1. What is vent cleaning?
  2. What does a vent cleaner do?
  3. Is it worth it to clean your vents?
  4. How to clean a heat pump?
  5. How can I clean my ducts myself?
  6. How much for air duct cleaning?
  7. Do you clean range hood ductwork?

What is vent cleaning?

Solutions to reduce the amount of dust, small debris, grease, chemicals, and other pollutants in your ducts.

What does a vent cleaner do?

This is a device for removing dust, microbes, animal hair, and tobacco smoke from the air, and with them allergens, bacteria, and unpleasant odors. Such particles and compounds not only interfere with normal breathing but can cause allergies, dermatitis, and other unpleasant consequences.

Is it worth it to clean your vents?

It is worth noting that dust content in the ventilation system may increase the chance of a fire even when special valves are installed.

How to clean a heat pump?

We want you to stay safe while enjoying the warmth and comfort of your heat pump. We recommend that you schedule regular maintenance to keep your system operating at its best and to prevent any issues from arising.

How can I clean my ducts myself?

  • First, remove the ventilation grill and wash it with household detergent to remove grease and oil deposits.
  • Then using a broom or a rag, reach as far into the channel as you can to dislodge dirt, cobwebs, and other deposits. Use a spatula and scrape dirt deposits from the walls of the channel. Do not use chemicals, they will not help here.
  • After you are satisfied that you’ve dislodged all that you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated and collected debris.

How much for air duct cleaning?

The cost of a professional cleaning of your facility’s ventilation system is usually determined on a flat fee basis.

Do you clean range hood ductwork?

No, at this time we do not clean range hood ducts.

Gordon Allen
Gordon Allen
The Coastal Power Vacuum crew arrived on time, were efficient and left the house in order. I would use this company again.
Cathi M
Cathi M
Quotes received quickly, service performed on time and efficiently. Happy with work done.
Cathy Allen
Cathy Allen
Coastal Power Vacuum came to clean out my dryer duct. Very professional job, in and out quickly. Service providers were polite, professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this company.
Jonquil Frankham
Jonquil Frankham
Coastal Power Vac answered my call promptly, they fit me in last minute for my dryer vent repair, they were on time, polite, friendly, efficient, and knowledgable. I was grateful they dealt with my dangerous dryer vent so quickly and competently, and then cleaned my furnace ducts.
Tom Somerville
Tom Somerville
Thank you so much for your great service. The guys were very professional and helpful.
Jen Goodwyn
Jen Goodwyn
Great communication with owner about flexible scheduling and services offered. Very professional and reliable service with excellent competitive rates for multiple units servicing dryer vents on roofs and at ground level. Interior access was not necessary and yet results were excellent which is a bonus for stratas and multiple units where is may be difficult to secure access for multiple households.. Very satisfied!!!

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