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Ductless Heat Pump Cleaning

A ductless heat pump is commonly used in homes today. They are easy to install and are a great choice when you want the benefits of central air but don’t want to spend a lot of money installing a ducted heating system. A ductless heat pump works by drawing air from inside your home through the return vent, which means that it draws air from the same spot where you are trying to keep your house warm.

Ductless heat pump maintenance

Why should I have my units cleaned?

How often should I get my units inspected?

Like any other mechanical device, an air conditioner and its many components require some basic cleaning and maintenance to continue operating at its best.

  • Increases the overall life expectancy of your heating/cooling unit
  • Helps you save money by cutting energy costs
  • increases overall efficiency of the unit

Keep in mind that your heat pump usage will directly correlate with how often your heat pump needs to be serviced and cleaned. Some heat pump owners may need their heat pumps serviced two times a year while others only need one service day each year. If you are unsure whether your heat pump needs deep cleaned, then consider getting your heat pump inspected by one of our professionals to ensure your heat pump is clean and running properly.

Before you begin any cleaning process of your air conditioning system, always call your HVAC contractor. He or she can help you decide which steps are ideal for your system and your needs.

Our air duct and dryer vent cleaning crews are professionally trained to clean these units before they become plugged with dust, hair or other contamination that is present in the air system. In some cases, these units can develop a mould or algae growth causing bad odours in the heating system and other health risks. Dust, dirt and allergens can build up in your system over time and cause your system to work harder. This buildup can reduce your system’s efficiency and your energy usage, damaging the system’s components, and increasing your utility bill. Clean ducts and components can help increase air flow, which can also help your system run more efficiently. A clean system also helps keep your home more comfortable, clean and healthier.

The price to clean ductless heat pumps can depend on a number of factors: the size of the system, whether your ducts are in the attic or walls and if your duct system needs to be completely replaced.


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A few signs your air ducts are contaminated:

  • A dusty home, even after cleaning.
  • Dark stains appearing around floor and wall vents.
  • Strange odours when the heating/cooling system is running.
  • Increased cost on your heating bills.
  • Excessive coughing and sneezing while at home but stops when outdoors.
  • Experiencing asthma type symptoms while at home but not at work or outdoors.
  • Kids are showing signs of breathing problem while indoors but fine outdoors.
  • You just finished a home renovation project.
  • Pets can also introduce a significant amount of contamination in the ventilation system.

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